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Ethics in Contracting

Duration: 1 Day 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Continuing Education Hours: 8

Workshop Description:

The purpose of this workshop is to help those involved with the public purchasing process to understand the importance of ethical behavior in government contracting. It is designed to help procurement professionals recognize ethical dilemmas and give them the tools necessary to make sound, ethical decisions. Also includes discussion of the various types of procurement fraud and how to recognize fraud indicators. The workshop contains lecture and discussion; as well as small group exercises and case studies.

Who Should Attend:
  • All government purchasers who want to understand the importance of ethics in contracting and how to make sound ethical decisions in the government procurement process.
  • Non-purchasing staff who interact with vendors and other parties in which conflicts of interests or other ethical situations may arise.
  • Discussion of ethics and personal values
  • Ethics laws
  • Standards of ethical conduct
  • Conflict of Interest
    • Acceptance of Benefits
    • Abuse of Office
    • Other Employment
    • Impartiality
    • Political Activity/Lobbying
    • Confidential Information
    • Use of Government Property
  • Penalties for violating ethical standards
  • Ethical dilemmas in contracting
  • Ethics in contracting case study
  • 5 steps to ethical decision making
  • Types of procurement fraud
  • Fraud indicators
Benefits of Attendance – participants will:
  • Understand the importance of ethical behavior and personal values
  • Know ethics laws and policies
  • Learn the standards of conduct for ethical behavior
  • Know the consequences of violating ethical standards
  • Recognize and react appropriately to the "red flags" of unethical situations
  • Understand the importance of the "appearance of impropriety"
  • Learn the 5 Steps to Ethical Decision Making
  • Develop confidence in your own ethical decision-making abilities
  • Learn the types of procurement fraud and how to recognize fraud indicators
What attendees say:
Ann Sturn, VIA Metropolitan Transit - "Great info and interaction. Interesting subject, well taught. Learned a lot. Knowledgeable and personable instructor."

Amanda Lawrence, University of Texas - Pan American - "I enjoyed the workshop. It was much more informative than workshops that I have attended in the past. The instructor's experience showed and make the positive difference."

Hermy Contreras, Office of the Attorney General - "I really enjoyed this class. It is my 2nd time with Janet and she is an excellent instructor. Goes over information thoroughly and gives great examples."

Belma Salinas, Texas Youth Commission - I really enjoyed this training. Very well prepared, good training material."

Mark Mifsud, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - "Good course. I learned a lot."

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